Bild av jordglob i Skoklosters bibliotek

Dreams of Skokloster

Between the battlefield and the starry sky

In our exhibition Dreams of Skokloster - between the battlefield and the starry sky, we tell the story of Skokloster's castle. We tell it through the castle's unique collection of splendor objects, with world famous paintings, books, costumes and celestial globes.

Room 1 Luxury for only a few

Wrangel, Brahe and von Essen were the families who owned the castle over the years. They have all played an important role in the castle and its history. They have contributed to the castle’s collections with objects from near and far, for example, the world-famous painting “Vertumnus” by Giuseppe Arcimboldo and the Wrangel family’s bible.

Interiör från utställningen med tavlor och montrar

Room 2 Used, saved and preserved

Here, we create links between people, objects and events. Visitors can view fine objects and everyday items that have seldom been shown before, for example, the Alexander manuscript from the 1470s, the Wrangel family’s bible, the Spanish costume from 1655, and tools used to build the castle.

Interiör från utställningen

Room 3 The Silver Chamber ─  Glistening, dazzling splendour

In the tower room, there are fine objects made of gold, silver and precious stones. It was not just in the Baroque period and 17th century that people liked to collect objects of luxury; that desire has existed throughout history. The oldest object is a small gold ring from the 5th century.