The castle grounds

Take a stroll down the avenues of lime trees that have stood here since the 1680's, and enjoy games on the vast sprawling lawns. Spread your picnic blanket under the orchard’s apple trees or in the shade of the leafy chestnut and lime trees by the water's-edge of Lake Mälaren.

Take a summer dip from the old stone jetty in front of the castle, pick apples in autumn or go cross-country ice skating on the frozen bay in the wintertime. The park has something to offer in every season and is always open to the general public.

The contours of the lawns and the old paths are reminiscent of magnificent Baroque gardens. The Swedish National Property Board (SFV) has drawn up a care programme for the park’s management and in 2005 the lime trees were pollarded; in other words the crowns of the trees were cut back to stimulate growth and encourage the production of more leaves.