Carin Franzén

Linköping University

Professor and Director of the Graduate School in Language and Culture in Europe, Linköping University, 2012. She investigates the relation between formations of subjectivity and cultural hegemonies in literary history. Her recent publications include “Joi d'amor as Discursive Practice”, in Tears, Sighs and Laughter: Expressions of Emotions in the Middle Ages, eds. Förnegård et al., Stockholm: KVHAA, 2017; “Love and Desire in French Moralist Discourse”, in Framing Premodern Desires: Sexual Ideas, Attitudes, and Practices in Europe, eds. Satu Lidman, et al., Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2017.

Item of Interest
To a researcher on early modern literary representations of subjectivity with a focus on the relation between formations of subjectivity and cultural hegemonies, the Skokloster collection offers a window on early modern mentalities and cultural practices regarding ideas of love, gender, and subject formations. I am especially interested in the relational codes that can be detected in the collections of books of Treasures that includes Phrasebooks, Books on French Civility and Harangs as well as Emblems on human love. The quantity of French books, and books on French culture is revealing of the Nobility and its cultural and political interaction in Early Modern Europe. As a case of wealth and power the library demonstrates that the relationship between social class identity, politics, and the arts were tight.