The Garden of Dreams

– A vision of a Baroque park at Skokloster Castle

Exhibition opening 5 June

When the dream of Skokloster Castle was to become a reality in the 17th century, a sprawling Baroque park with avenues, fountains and sculptures was included in the plans. The grand design of the park was meant to reflect the Wrangel family’s success, status and power.  Here there would be a garden with rippling water and time for recreation, an orchard with apples, pears and cherries, as well as climbing hops for flavouring the beer.

But the Nordic climate made it difficult to tame nature, and sought-after European gardeners were hesitant about a professional life on the Sko Peninsula. Some of the visions came to fruition, while others remained a dream – a dream presented in the exhibition through horticultural literature and maps from the 17th century, selected from the castle’s extensive library.

Summer at Skokloster Castle

Welcome to Skokloster Castle this summer. We are open between 5 June - 31 August at 11-17.

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