Stefano Fogelberg Rota

Uppsala University

I hold a Ph.D in literature from Stockholm University and my research interests include, among other themes, Swedish travel literature from Italy during the Age of Liberty (1719-72); French court ballets during the reign of Queen Christina (1638-1654) and guidebooks to Rome in the seventeenth century. A common thread in these different topics is the formation of kingly and aristocratic ideals in literature from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries through the political use of virtue ethics. Similar interests will be the focus of my research in the collection of Italian books at Skokloster Library. An overall research question for this investigation is: how did the experience of the Grand tour influence Swedish cultural and courtly practices?

Item of interest 
The astonishingly rich collection of Italian books in Skokloster Library reveals the international interests of the collector Carl Gustav Wrangel (1613-1676) and his heirs, notably his grandson Abraham Brahe (1669-1728).

The presence of the first edition of Fioravante Martinelli’s guidebook to Rome, Roma ricercata nel suo sito (Rome researched on site), printed by Bernardino Tani in Rome 1644 (see image 1), stands out as particularly important. Not only because Skokloster Library possesses one of the only two first editions of this work extant in Swedish libraries, but also because of Martinelli’s importance for the presentation of Rome during the Age of the Grand Tour (the other copy is preserved in the Finspong collection of the Norrköping City Library). Martinelli’s was one of the most influential guidebooks to Rome during the seventeenth century. The book was reprinted in many new editions and used by numerous travelers.