Tom O’Dell

Lund University

Tom O’Dell’s research analyzes how people integrate body monitoring technology in their daily lives. Part of that work takes a cultural historic perspective technologies and instruments of the 17th century.

Item of Interest
uch of his work has focused on glass, lenses, and mirrors and how they were used by people to gain new perspectives and understandings of themselves and the world around them. O’Dell is also working in a second project (financed by the Swedish Heritage Board) together with Associate Professor Lizette Gradén that studies the manner in which heritage museums that incorporate historic houses work to meet the cultural and economic context in which they operate. As part of the project O’Dell & Gradén focus upon Skokloster Castle and the manner in which it showcases 17th and 18th century Swedish heritage. In addition to this their work problematizes the manner in which the castle may actually work as a research laboratory. This research trajectory asks: What are the implications, preconditions, and challenges faced by scholars who conduct research on early modern history on site, in a 17th century castle?