Lizette Gradén

Lund University and The Royal Armory, Skokloster Castle with the Hallwyl Museum

Gradén holds a position as curator/research coordinator at The Royal Armory and Skokloster Castle with the Hallwyl Museum, Stockholm and a research position in Ethnology at Lund University. She serves as Affiliate Associate Professor at the Scandinavian Department at University of Washington, Seattle. Her research areas focuses on institutional and vernacular heritage through the means of making material culture, collections, ritual, and performance, and she takes a particular interest in transatlantic relationships.

Recent publications include Museum and Heritage Collections in the Cultural Economy: the Challenge of Addressing Wider Audiences and Local Communities (with Tom O’Dell in ICOM International 2017), Norwegian-American Heritage Practice in Seattle after 1945 (Norwegian American Essays 2017): Performing Nordic Heritage: Everyday life and Institutional Culture (Routledge 2016) co-edited with Peter Aronsson.

Item of interest
I am interested in curatorial agency and the practices that shape and re-shape transatlantic relationships. Why are certain collections selected as highlights and which ones are deemed inappropriate when, where, and by whom? Taking my point of departure curatorial practices of preserving, interpreting and showcasing artifacts in the museum, how transatlantic relationships take form in relation to a collection possibly presented to the owner of Skokloster castle by the governor in Delaware in the 17th century.