Guided tours

Guided tours in English

Book a group tour

Groups are always welcome to book tours, both during the day and evening. Please be aware that the museum may only be visited in company with a museum guide. 

Tour charges for groups

  • Daytime weekdays up to 15 people: SEK 2000, up to 25 people SEK 2500
  • Evenings from 5 pm and weekends up to 15 persons: SEK 3000, up to 25 people: SEK 3500
  • Schools: SEK 800 total price per class for primary and secondary classes, throughout the year.

The maximum number of people we can allow in a group tour is 25, but several groups can each have their own tour, with their own guide, at the same time.
A maximum of 15 people per group can take the special tour of the linen store, lathe room and library, due to limitations in space.


Guided tours are available in Swedish and English. Tours in other languages can be arranged; please contact the booking office 

Special tours

We are also happy to offer special tours of the castle with a theme or certain category of object, such as textiles, books, weapons and armour, tools or furniture. Call us to discuss any questions, preferences and ideas you might have for the tour, and we will plan it together - so that we can make your experience as enjoyable as possible!

Contact Booking Office or call +46 (0)8 402 30 60 on weekdays from 9.00-12.00.