A guide who guiding visitors around the castle's armory.
Photo: Erik Lernestål, Skokloster Castle/SHM.
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Guided tours

Visit spectacular rooms such as the King’s Hall and the Uncompleted Hall. There are furnishings, wall coverings and paintings, all of which have a story to tell. During the summer season (1 June–31 August) we offer daily guided tours of the castle. During the winter, we offer private tours and packages for groups.

Guided tours weekends in May

During May we are open every weekend and offer guided tours.

Guided tours in English:

  • 12.15

Guided tours in Swedish:

  • 11.15
  • 11.45
  • 12.45
  • 13.15
  • 13.45
  • 14.15
  • 14.45
  • 15.15

Buy a ticket

Adults: SEK 150 (includes entrance charge)
Children and young people aged 19 and under: free of charge

Tickets for the tours are sold at the castle entrance from 11.00 every day.

Practical information

Remember to arrive in good time if you want to visit the castle. To make sure you get to see all areas of the castle, we start at the time you have booked. The guide will meet you about ten minutes before the booked tour.


There is a ramp at the ground floor entrance giving access to the shop, exhibition and café. There are no ramps or lifts in other parts of the castle. There are many staircases, and during the tour we will visit all four floors of the castle.

If you have special needs and cannot get around the museum, we offer a visit to the exhibition Dreams of Skokloster on the castle’s ground floor. The exhibition displays the castle’s best-known artefacts from four centuries.

If you have difficulty standing throughout the tour, you can borrow a folding chair at the entrance. It is possible to bring a wheeled walker or other mobility aid into the castle, but you must be able to carry your mobility aids yourself.

Woman sitting on a portable chair listening to a guide in one of the castle's rooms.
Photo: Ola Myrin, Skokloster Castle/SHM.

Companions and guide dogs

Companions are welcome to visit the castle free of charge. Guide dogs are also welcome.


Cars and buses should be parked in the large car park near the church and filling station. From the car park to the castle entrance there is a 300 metre walk on a gravel path. There are two disabled parking spaces next to the castle.

Strollers and prams

Strollers are not allowed in the museum, but you can leave them in the designated space at the entrance.

Book a group tour

A group of friends, a club get-together or a big family? Groups are welcome to book their own tour, day or evening, any time of year.

Photo: Ola Myrin, Skokloster Castle/SHM.