Vy över slottsparken och Skoklosters slott.
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Friends of Skokloster Castle

You can become a member of Friends of Skokloster Castle. As a member, you have access to unique presentations, guided tours, travel and study visits in Sweden and Europe with Skokloster Castle as the key element.

The association Friends of Skokloster Castle was founded in March 1998 “to stimulate, deepen and widen national and international knowledge about and interest in Skokloster Castle”. As member, you will be invited to take part in special guided tours of the castle, presentations, travel to Swedish castles and stately houses and parties in the castle environment.

A guide in front of a group of listeners.
Photo: Friends of Skokloster Castle.


  • Free entrance to Skokloster Castle, including exhibitions (guided tours are not included in the membership and cost SEK 30)
  • Free use of the audio guide
  • 20 per cent discount on all products in the Skokloster Castle museum shop
  • 50 per cent discount on the programmes that Skokloster Castle itself organises, such as presentations.
  • Invitations to exhibition pre-opening days and special events

Membership fees

  • Family membership SEK 450 a year
  • Individual membership SEK 300 a year
  • Student membership SEK 150 a year
  • Company membership SEK 5,000 a year

Paying membership fees

You can pay membership fees by plusgiro or swish. State your name, address, email address and telephone number.
Plusgiro: 139 95 15-4
Swish: 123 60 40 166

The board

  • Christer Nilsson, Chair
  • Else von Essen, vice Chair
  • Göran Holmberg, Treasurer
  • Marie Deijfen, Secretary
  • Bengt Kylsberg
  • Richard von Essen
  • Jessica Söderqvist, deputy museum manager


  • Ingemar Nordström
  • Maria Nordström 

Nominating committee

  • Ulf Bellander
  • Magnus Berg, Substitute
  • Göran Huldtgren
  • Charlotta Medin

Contact the friends association

Chairman Christer Nilsson e-post: c.n@bredband2.com 
e-mail: skoklostersvanner@gmail.com