A Frozen Tale

Exhibition 6 June–28 September 2014
In the photo series "A Frozen Tale", which was exhibited at Skokloster Castle in summer 2014, the Australian artistic photographer Alexia Sinclair wove together a portrayal of the castle in winter, Sweden’s period as a great power and the famous people who visited the castle, which gave new life to the interiors.

Inspiration Strikes

It was in 2013 that Sinclair visited Skokloster and created a series of photographs that reflect Sweden’s time as a great power. She was fascinated by the famous old castle on the peninsula, surrounded by a frozen Lake Mälaren and put together a team. This was how the exhibition A Frozen Tale began.

Photo: Alexia Sinclair, The Library, 2013.
 A woman in a green dress and a headdress with feathers sits on the floor and plays the violin. On the ground there are autumn leaves and behind the woman is a painting.

Famous Visitors

The exhibition is based on the accounts of some of Skokloster Castle’s most famous visitors, such as Queen Kristina and the Tuscan diplomat and author Lorenzo Magalotti. History meets fantasy in Sinclair’s work and creates a dream-like world full of wonder, fascination and cold.

Photo: Ola Myrin, Skokloster Castle/SHM.

I’m never too far away from the grandeur of regal themes and several famous aristocrats and historical figures who had visited the castle also became anchors for a central theme within the series

– Alexia Sinclaire


A Frozen Tale is on display in connection with the exhibition on Vertumnus, Skokloster Castle’s most famous painting. Painted by Giuseppe Arcimboldo at the end of the 16th century.

Photo: Jens Mohr, Skokloster Castle/SHM.

A Frozen Tale on display at Arlanda

The exhibition was on show at Arlanda for a period. Passengers in Terminal 5 could view the nine photographs in an airport environment, where they also acted as a representation of the area the passengers had just arrived in.

 A man dressed in armor sits in the center of a room that has ancient weapons on the walls. Next to him sits a dog.
Alexia Sinclair, The Armoury, 2013.

Header photo: Alexia Sinclair, The Cabinets of Curiosity, 2013