Picture of a decorative art

Decorative arts

“Decorative art” is a wide-ranging term which encompasses many different materials, forms etc. Skokloster houses an amount of decorative art and furniture.

Judging by the condition of most items they were little used. This is mainly because, except for its last 20 years in private ownership, the Castle was only sporadically inhabited.
Skokloster Castle has large collections of pottery, silver, other metals and glass. The objects represent places of manufacture in several different countries as well as centuries. Altogether there are somewhere around a couple of thousand items, for both practical use and ornament. Glass and china tableware of the collections were mainly used in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Seventeenth century ornaments mainly consisted of art treasures which were costly, exotic collectables rather than practical utensils. In more recent times, these objects were positioned in the rooms in roughly the same way as they still stand today.